Special Material



Deep within the forests of the slopes of Hyjal, in places known only to a few of the eldest Kaldorei, grow the last surviving brightwood trees. Once a common sight, virtually all remnants of these beautiful, silver-barked plants were wiped out in the disaster that created what today is known as Felwood. Those brightwood trees that remain are under the protection of powerful druids, who keep their locations a closely guarded secret.

Only once every few years can enough brightwood be harvested to be used for crafting. The wood must be carefully preserved and treated or it will warp and crack under the stresses of use. Properly employed, brightwood is as tough as iron. Although it has a surface texture similar to normal wood, it is a non-refl ective silver color that appears to be metal at a distance, especially in conditions of poor lighting.

Brightwood can be used to make items that would normally be constructed only of iron or steel, except that it does not hold an edge like metal does, so weapons can only be of the bludgeoning type. Brightwood armor is equivalent to metal armor of the same type, making it a fine choice for druids. However, the wood cannot be worked like metal. It is carved and shaped using the Craft (woodworking) skill.

Brightwood armor is naturally protective, absorbing elemental attacks while resisting similar attacks. Brightwood armor provides acid, cold, electricity, fire and sonic resistance 2. If the armor itself is subject to attack from one of those sources, it has an inherent resistance of 10 against such damage.

Brightwood weapons are exceptionally easy to control in combat. They deal an additional +1 damage and provide a +2 bonus when rolling to confi rm a critical hit. Armor crafted of brightwood costs 20,000 gp more than the standard price. Weapons constructed of this material increase their cost by 5,000 gp. Brightwood has hardness 10 and 12 hit points per inch of thickness.



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