Special Material



Found anywhere silver can be mined, truesilver is also called “perfect silver” or “puresilver.” Veins of this rare material are almost unknown. When found, truesilver deposits are usually situated deep within an exceptionally dense collection of ordinary silver. The substance can be immediately identified by its azure color, in striking contrast to the duller ore around it.

Like lightforge iron, truesilver must be smelted in such a way that all impurities are removed. However, the material is much more forgiving. Still, there are additional difficulties inherent in using truesilver. Once it cools, it solidifies permanently and cannot be re-used. Attempts to reheat it simply turn it into a liquid state similar to that of mercury — and it never solidifies again. Thus, items forged of truesilver must be completed the first time, with no retries possible. A failed Craft check destroys the material entirely. Thus, while truesilver is the most common of the rare materials presented in this book, it is perhaps the most frustrating to work with. The floors of blacksmith shops across Azeroth are littered with truesilver junk.

Once forged, truesilver resembles ordinary silver except for a faint azure sheen. Identifying the item’s true nature requires a DC 15 Appraise check. A truesilver item is treated as silver except as noted in these rules, and overcomes the corresponding damage reduction.

Truesilver possesses an unnatural attunement to the arcane. Magic items crafted of this material are relatively easy to make, reducing the time it takes to craft by 25%. However, truesilver items cost an additional one-half the base gold piece cost — and this increase also applies to all costs for magic enhancements. For example, an arcanist creating a +1 longsword normally pays 1,315 gp. To create a truesilver +1 longsword, he instead pays 1,972 gp and 5 sp.

Weapons made of truesilver have an almost supernatural ability to slip through magical defenses. Deflection bonuses to AC are ineffective against truesilver weapons.

Armor made of truesilver has an arcane spell failure chance only half that of standard armor of its type. Spells cast while wearing magical truesilver armor increase their saving throw DCs by +1.

Truesilver items must be magic; the fl uid nature of the metal requires an enchantment of some sort to stabilize it. Truesilver has hardness 10 and 15 hit points per inch of thickness.



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